About Us

The Emotional Wellness Initiatives (TEWI) is an online emotional and psychological wellness platform that provides online therapy sessions, corporate wellbeing webinars and wellness retreats!

TEWI was founded just when Covid was wreaking havoc on the country in 2020, by Clinical Psychologist Prachi S Vaish and corporate slave turned entrepreneur & trader, Udit Bothra.

Prachi grew up in a household of domestic violence and physical abuse; she had to psychologically raise herself through the chaos. 

This traumatic history led her to the study of Psychology. Escaping a chaotic home in grade 11, she immersed herself in the subject at a premier boarding school of India in 1997.

She not only rediscovered herself but also became attuned to silent traumas around her.  She decided to reach as many people as she could to offer them the healing and vowed to never let another client suffer in silence!

This was the motivating force behind her becoming the first person to attempt online therapy in India all the way back in 2009 for which she was lauded by media all around!

Fast forward to 2019 she met Udit, and instantly sensed an alignment in the way he looked at therapy and emotional wellness! Together they joined forces and TEWI was born! 

Since we started, 1000+ of people like you have experienced ‘aha’ moments with us! Together, we have experienced tears, laughter, good news, tough news, heartbreaks, layoffs, achievements, joy as they have become skilled navigators of life.  

We have helped them heal and cope, achieve closure, manage trauma and put forth a new step forward, each day.. every day!

Why the Dragonfly?

Dragonflies have flown the Earth for over 300 million years. In many cultures dragonfly symbolizes transformation, change, new beginnings, or fresh starts. Dragonflies undergo a metamorphosis and transformation within themselves, are very adaptable and known for being able to handle changing environments. 

This is why you see one on our logo. A perfect representation of the impact TEWI tries to make on our clients! 

The unique rendering of the wings represents the beauty of the left and the right brain.

Our unique logo embodies the spirit of The Emotional Wellness Initiatives.

At The Emotional Wellness Initiatives, we strive to partner in your journey of becoming a better version of you!

We started TEWI with a collective vow to ensure no one faces emotional struggles alone. Join us at TEWI, where credibility meets compassion, trust is built on shared journeys, and healing is a collective mission.

Our Vision

Transform lives by creating the right environment & bringing exceptional quality psychotherapy to right where you are!

Our Mission

Redirect mental health services from an illness and curative model to a wellness and proactive model through personalized high-quality therapeutic sessions.

Our Values

Staying true to the integrity of therapy while engaging with our clients with authentic compassion and empathy

Our Work

Therapy & Counselling

Personalised, confidential and effective individual & couples therapy


Scientific psychological outcomes for personality, anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental health issues

Enrichment Programs

Specially curated, bespoke dating and premarital coaching programs for better relationships

Training & Mentoring

Specialised training & supervision programs for Therapists to sharpen their skills

Wellness Retreats

Exclusive wellness getaways at scenic locations for deep inner work and soulful rejuvenation

Meet Our Founders

Prachi S Vaish

Prachi is a RCI licenced Clinical Psychologist with a MA and MPhil in Clinical Psychology. She has obtained the Certified Clinical Trauma Professional certification from PSECI Inc., USA. She also holds a PG Diploma in Forensic Sciences. Her expert inputs has been shared across several we and print platforms like Femina, Child, Better Homes and Gardens and TweakIndia to name a few.


Udit has spent 22 years entrenched in corporate sector, in the BPO and Telecom industries where he has worked with companies like Airtel, Aegis, IBM, Wipro etc. With an unwavering commitment to service and an ability to stay focused on the ‘client’, he brings the strategic insights and planning to TEWI.

Meet our team of experts

Vaishnavi Madarkal

Qualification: MSc Psychology, Certified in trauma-informed therapy

Specialization: Individual Counseling, ADHD and Personality disorders, Stress Management, Depression & Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD Recovery

Vaishnavi is a Counselling Psychologist with 4 years of experience in therapy, community mental health, and education. She seeks to empower individuals on their journey towards personal growth with an eclectic approach by blending evidence-based approaches like Schema Therapy, IFS, CBT, and DBT


Sanchi Sharma

Qualification: MA Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health

Specialization: Anxiety, Interpersonal relationships and intrapersonal relationships, Trauma and Abuse, Grief and Loss, Life stress, Depression

Sanchi is a Counselling Psychologist with 3+ years of experience. She works with a goal to help people build their resilience & develop new ways of coping with life's challenges. She helps her clients achieve greater self-awareness and personal growth using CBT and psychodynamic psychotherapy.


Sohini Roy Chowdhury

Qualification: MA Psychology, 2-Year certification Program in Psychological Counselling and Stress Management, MBA

Specialization: Pre & postnatal mental health, postpartum depression, parenting challenges, depression, stress, anxiety and developing emotional regulation skills and increasing one’s potential

Sohini has 5+ years of experience and uses modalities like Psychodynamic, CBT, Humanistic, Solution Based & Positive Psychology. Her core areas of work include low self esteem & negative core beliefs. She also works with new & expecting mothers and parents to enable them to enjoy parenthood.


Prachi S Vaish

Qualification: MPhil Clinical Psychology (RCI), Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP, PESI Inc., USA), Awarded Emerging Emotional Wellness Coach by Pinnacle Fame Awards in 2021

Specialization: Dating, couples therapy, relationships, polyamory, recovery from emotional abuse trauma

Prachi takes an eclectic approach to therapy. With 18+ years of experience, she picks the best tools from different humanistic & person-centred new age therapeutic approaches (like Schema therapy, ACT, DBT, IFS etc.) to help clients reprogram their unconscious patterns.