A 'life-reset' retreat designed to manifest the Diva in you!

Unapologetic, Unshackled, Unstoppable!

Diva Transformation Retreat

You are Joy. You are abundance. You are nature’s muse. You are Creativity. You are Beauty. You are Life! 

But sometimes we lose our strength and light, battling and juggling the shackles of daily life. It’s time to unleash your true inner Diva! Reset yourself. Triumph over judgement and procrastination. Heal. Find your mojo!

This retreat is a treat for the goddess within you. Claim your glorious feminine energy, live a fulfilling life for yourself and for people who matter to you, be free & fearless and express from the core your being, only at this retreat. 

Uniquely crafted for you to do inner child work and trauma healing, and designed with the essence of 18 years of work of a psychotherapist and trauma recovery specialist, The Diva Transformation Retreat is a safe space where true sisterhood and unlimited feminine energy can be experienced, along with deep connections for life!

The Retreat is organised by The Emotional Wellness Initiatives, where traditional person-centered psychotherapy and modern technology come together. We pride ourselves in delivering state-of-the-art emotional wellness and enrichment services with the unmatchable warmth of safe, secure human connection.

At The Emotional Wellness Initiatives, we strive to partner in your journey of becoming a better version of you and this retreat is one of the many ways in which we do it.

The Diva Transformation Retreat is curated by a woman for women. Here:

  • You will look at feminine energy closely 
  • You will establish a clear connection between your past and present
  • You will reignite that bright flame within you clearing all the blocks, conditioning, prejudices and judgements that try to contain you. 
  • You’ll rediscover your true power and potential as a woman, meet your authentic self and learn to live life more consciously and less compulsively to create more fulfilling relationships, careers and experiences.

Practice self-love and care for yourself as you treat yourself to a transforming experience! At the retreat you will learn to embrace your feminine for success like never before!

You’ll leave recharged, with a light heart, wonderful memories and practices that will help you forever!

Imagine a world where women aren’t pitted against each other. Where it isn’t assumed that they only like to gossip about each other. Where they are each other’s biggest support system and cheerleaders! 

Imagine what such a group of women could accomplish with their unlimited feminine energy. 

That’s the vortex of energy we try to create through this retreat. 

You should immediately sign up if even ONE of these resonates with you. 

  • If you are someone who seeks a safe space where true sisterhood could be experienced
  • If you have been feeling disconnected with yourself and the world around you
  • If you have been feeling that you need more from life
  • If you have been experiencing unexplained loneliness and sadness
  • If you feel you’re capable of more but something holds you back
  • If you are super successful in your career but struggle with personal life
  • If you want to be a part of something bigger in the universe!


  • Safe space for non-judgmental and candid expression of your authentic self.
  • Igniting the feminine under the celestial guidance of the new moon. The moon represents the feminine energy and helps us connect with our intuition and emotions. 
  • We start right before the new moon, when healing and manifestation are at their strongest if done right!
  • Self-inquiry and reflection – into your past through inner child discovery work and introspection journaling
  • Learning about Toxic Vs healthy feminine
  • Feminine and masculine balance
  • Collective experience of what it looks like to embrace feminine power.
  • Gently rewire your core programming
  • Art and craft for self exploration
  • Late-night fireside conversations, laughter, sharing ideas and one-on-ones with facilitator. Experience sharing and storytelling.
  • Lifelong friends and sisters!
  • Not a restrictive program. Phones, laptops (outside of activity time), veg + non veg meals, and evening tipple allowed.
  • Eat, sleep and heal at a premium property in the lap of Himalayan gorgeousness.
  • Complete privacy – a beautiful villa, all to ourselves.
  • Walk away with a carefully crafted personal mission statement!

Each retreat is at a different location and brings its own energy and vibe. What remains constant is the sense of joy, of being you, power and unmatched energy!

  • While you will travel to a picturesque location and stay at a premium property, we are not an experiential travel retreat. Here, you travel within!
  • While we are not a typical meditation, yoga or spiritual retreat, moments of self-actualization, emotional discoveries and breakthroughs are not unheard of during the three days!
  • We promise no quick-fixes, we won’t give you “6 quick hacks that will transform your life”, we won’t play trance music and make you swoon, we won’t make you take an ice bath – you get the drift. The objective here is for you to find a space to cut out the noise and really come face to face with yourself!



Prachi S Vaish, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Trauma Therapy Expert

Hi, I’m Prachi! Your guide in this journey.The Diva Transformation Retreat is my creation for YOU! 

I have been a therapist for 18 years and in this time I have met hundreds of incredible women who had no idea how amazing they were! I made it my life’s work to bring them face to face with their power.

I have been featured in multiple magazines, podcasts and articles and my voice and thoughts have reached several thousand women. Yet, I always felt like I needed to create something unique to help women break their own invisible cages.And so, I invested the essence of my life’s work as a relationship and trauma healing expert as well as lessons from my own life into creating this unique healing space for the woman who has gathered the courage to look within herself and turn her pain into shakti!


Check-in on 8th Feb & check-out on 11th Feb, 2024
3 Nights, 4 Days

At a beautiful private villa nestled at a picturesque location between Dehradun & Mussoorie!

Retreat Fees

INR 41,999/-

Into yourself. Think of this as a way of showing faith in yourself, in being there for yourself! For no one knows who you are capable of becoming, better than you!

  • Of course, the fee includes a very comfortable 4 day stay at a premium villa on twin sharing basis.
  • Healthy & sumptuous meals for breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner.
  • We take care to host the retreat at a location that gives us privacy and allows us to immerse in our world, the fee goes towards making this sense of joy appear.
  • All activities and supplies and the buzzing bonhomie that will engulf you at the retreat
  • Bonfire / barbecue on the final day.
  • A very thoughtfully curated goodie bag.
  • One-on-one mentorship session and inputs with the creator of the retreat.

Travel expenses to retreat facility

Airport / station transfers 

*Pick-up / drop can be arranged on request

Food and beverages ordered outside of the curated meals

Personal expense of any nature.

Medical expenses of any nature.

If it becomes necessary to cancel your booking, you must notify us immediately by mail on


# Cancellation will take effect only after we receive the email from you

# Before 1st February, 2024 – 40% percent refund. After 1st February, 2024 – no refund

# If you are unable to attend the retreat, you can transfer your spot to another diva (go on, make someone’s day!)


Esha Singh HoD, Emergency, Narayana Hospital

It is after coming here that I realised how important having a safe space is. There are so many things I was keeping bottled up inside but there are some things you can't share with anyone. This retreat gave me the tribe with whom I could open up about everything and learn so much about myself in the process!

Akshita Garg Jewellery Designer

I have never met so many amazing, empowered women in one place all together! I'm at a very crucial stage of transition in my life and that comes with a lot of fears. But I came here, interacted with all the other women and I'm going back feeling assured that no matter what happens in my life, I'm going to be okay! I don't think I could have gotten this strength from any other place other than The Diva Transformation Retreat!

Pallak Sancheti Marketing Professional

This retreat was an eye opening experience for me! Value and delight was added on an everyday basis in all that we did and I found a unique space to reflect, learn and re-strategize my life!

Ananya S Writer, Pet mommy, Feminist

Earlier this year, I went to the Diva Transformation Retreat in Goa, where eight women from completely different walks of life met for the first time. It was supposed to be a healing retreat, and damn right, it was! We all went to the retreat with our apprehensions about spending the next few days with complete strangers, and experienced the soul-shaking wonders of unadulterated sisterhood and pure feminine energy.

Shivangi Kulshreshtha Multifaceted Artist

The meaning of 'retreat' was very different for me. I thought it would be only about fun. gossip and excursions. I never knew that there could be a healing element in a retreat! To be honest, I had come prepared with an exit plan and a work excuse if I didn't gel with the people I met. But from the very first interaction I was welcomed as if they have known me forever! And since that moment, my laptop stayed shut, and my heart opened! This is what Diva Transformation Retreat has done for me!

Dr. Mukul Pandey HoD, Medanta

I don’t have words to express my feelings right now. एक अजीब सी ख़ुशी का एहसास है। Met new energies in last 3 days. I will cherish these memories forever!!

Swaha Sircar Media Professional

The retreat was everything I hoped it would be, and more! A group of women across varied ages and backgrounds came together for a common cause - self-love and growth. The retreat had great energy, unconditional acceptance and a safe space for self-expression and uninhibited vulnerability. The sessions allowed us to open up, discuss and address difficult conversations and discover different facets to ourselves.

Zehra Naqvi Author & Journalist

The Diva Transformation Retreat in Goa was and continues to be one of the most fabulous experiences of my life! Before this, I don't think I really knew what it was like to see heaven on Earth. Heaven is not just beauty and luxury. It is a place where we experience nothing but kindness and love. That is what I experienced with the girls in this retreat. The mindfulness sessions with Prachi were such a relief. And the self-awareness sessions which I enjoyed the most! Soul searching. The five values which we had to pick among dozens! I think that was the most difficult, but also the most helpful!


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