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Online counselling, personal well-being or organizational necessities, find the service that suits your needs!


Child and Adolescent Services

Parenting is a big challenge and we help you face it with the right tools so that you can enjoy parenthood to the max!We also help your teen deal with the roller coaster of puberty.
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mental health

Mental Health Services

Anxiety, depression, grief, loss, personality disorders; psychotherapy is an essential tool to learn how to cope and we bring that to your doorstep.
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sexual wellness

Sexual Wellness and Support

if you find you’re struggling in the bedroom due to mental blocks and are hesitant to take your relationship to the next level, consult our sexual wellness experts.
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Support Group Services

A Support Group is a safe, non-judgemental space to receive mental health support and guidance where people gather to share their experiences around a common theme and heal by guiding each other through the hurdles. It is also a very affordable option when you’re not sure if you want to get into personalised therapy sessions. The Emotional Wellness Initiatives has launched India’s first support groups so that you can find your safe space to feel like you belong! Those years from 16-21 are so tricky! You don’t know whom to talk to. And if you’re a parent to a teen you probably feel like you just can’t connect with them. All those new emotions, new complications, new areas to navigate through – if only there was a place to let it all out! The Wellness Tribe is that place! Moderated by a young, vivacious psychologist, this support group is for teens and young adults to come and open their hearts and to find some useful tips to tackle this life! Book Now! CONGRATULATIONS! You’re going to be a mum! But what about the million questions swimming around in your head? And how about the emotional roller-coaster you’re riding? All the advice being bombarded from all sides doesn’t help either, does it?That’s why this space, moderated by a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and full time mom, is truly YOURS! Meet a squad of women just like you, talk about anything on your mind, learn successful new mom hacks, time management, child rearing techniques, all while learning how to continue to be a diva! Book Now!
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Trauma Healing and Anxiety Relief Services

Trauma Therapy and Care

Break free from the chains of painful experiences of your life that hold you back by working with our trauma experts to process the trauma and to heal and grow!
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Wellness Workshops and Events

A good life is your basic right and to that end we organise programs on subjects like weight loss, discovering love, parenting etc. Check out all that we offer in this section!
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women’s wellness

Women’s Wellness Support

A set of specialised emotional wellness services for all the ladies out there including relationships, materinity, career, sexuality and a balanced life!
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Founder’s Message

Ms Prachi S Vaish

Hi there! I’m Prachi, a licensed Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist and expert in online counselling and therapy. Welcome to the initiative for your emotional wellness! This platform is my endeavour to work with you to discover the path to peace and happiness together. In over 15 years in the field of mental health, I have participated in many transformation journeys with my clients and I want to walk that path with you too! If you want to know more about me and my journey, you can find it all in our About section. So, come with me and experience a fresh way of wellness and transformation!


Do you feel lost with your clients? Do you feel your textbook education wasn’t enough? Do you want to learn the best practices of online counselling? We enable budding Psychologists & Psychotherapists with the right tools and expertise though mentorship & training programs. Read more to discover the way to be a confident therapist!

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If you would like to collaborate with us, reach us for expert input, get featured on our online therapist / counselor panel or be a Wellness Messenger with us, contact us here and let us get to know you!

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What is Relationship Abuse?

Let’s unveil toxic/abusive relationships! As a trauma therapist I work very closely with women (and sometimes men) trapped in abusive/toxic relationships. It is very long term and very intensive work. A consistent observation of mine during this journey has been that most times victims aren’t even aware that what they are facing is toxic or abusive. This is my attempt to break it down into simpler parts!

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