The Emotional Wellness Initiatives (or TEWI as we fondly call it) is an online wellbeing services platform that provides wellness solutions such as psychotherapy and counselling for individuals and couples, as well as psychological growth and enrichment programs for all! TEWI applies scientifically rooted psychological research and evidence based methods to create therapy /counselling protocols and programs for emotional wellbeing that are easily applicable in day to day life!

Therapy is a process of self exploration and counselling adds a touch of guidance and direction to it. Therapy employs principles and methods from scientific research in the field of psychology as well as standardized psychological tests and assessments, and uses them to help you uncover your subconscious patterns that may be hampering your growth as an individual or causing you emotional distress. It also guides in breaking those unhealthy patterns and shifting them to new, healthier ones. With therapy you can improve almost any aspect of your life – relationships, career, self, family, and friendships.

If you’d like to work with a specific therapist in our Team:

  1. Book a session with her from our home page
  2. Once we receive the booking, we’ll send you your therapist’s calendar and you can choose a suitable time for your session and commence your therapy journey.


  1. Click on this link to fill up a form with some basic details
  2. A consultant from our Team will get in touch with you and assign the best suited therapist
  3. Book your session with her and your therapy journey starts.

You are a unique individual and no one is like you. Therefore, your therapy will also follow a unique pattern and the duration will depend on the depth of your concerns, how long you have struggled with them, your environmental factors, your readiness, and your own personality. It can take anywhere between 5-10 sessions to start seeing a tangible and sustainable change.

No, we do not prescribe medicines. We are a Team of clinical and counselling psychologists who infer patterns from your symptoms using information from your sessions as well as scientific tests and assessment. Then, based on those patterns, your therapist will devise a treatment plan which will include your goals for therapy. Then, talk therapy methods are applied to bring about growth, change and empowerment.

All information / details that you share with your Therapist or The Emotional Wellness Initiatives Team is 100% confidential.

Each session lasts for 45 minutes.

Therapy is a methodical and systemic process. We recommend at least one session per week to ensure goals set as per your therapy plan are achieved. Nonetheless, should there be a need to increase or decrease the frequency of your sessions, your therapist will guide you accordingly.

We recommend that you opt for online video calls. However, if you feel more comfortable over voice calls, you can select the option while booking. All sessions are online and are done on Google Meet.

You are free to choose your therapist. However, we recommend that you answer some basic questions about you on this form, so we can assign a therapist who is best suited for your personality and areas you want to work on.

You can either get on her waitlist or trust us to assign you to the best suited therapist for your needs.

Yes, if you book more than 4 sessions, you can avail a discount.

Absolutely! In fact, we pride on what our clients say about us and the referrals they send us. Just ask your friend to fill up this form and they can start their therapy journey.

All sessions are conducted on Google Meet. We will use WhatsApp / email to communicate session details, send booking confirmation etc. Should you need to reach out to your therapist for anything you can send a WhatsApp, call on +918400400920 or email at contact@emotionalwellnessinitiatives.com 

*We are not an emergency service, TAT to respond applies.