The Super Therapist Program:

This is a special training, coaching and mentorship program for budding psychologists and therapists where they train one-on-one with senior Psychotherapist and our founder Ms Prachi S Vaish, for 30 days. This is a fully customized and personalized program where she will teach you exactly what you want to learn! No group classes, no batches, full flexibility, and in-depth mentorship! The syllabus for each trainee is curated according to their needs and only one trainee is accepted at a time so that they can receive undivided attention.

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₹ 30,000.00

Psy Coach:

The inclination to study Psychology comes early for a lot of students. However, at school level, you may not have much clarity about what a career in Psychology looks like. If you can get the right guidance at the first step, you can chart a very successful career in the field of Psychology. PsyCoach is a two-week program especially designed for students of 11th and 12th grade who have opted for Psychology and want to understand its basics as well as all the career options available in the future. This too is a flexible program that can even be extended if required for special internship credits. This can help you plan your higher studies, career paths and find the right specialisation suitable for you! 

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₹ 9,999.00

Therapist Supervision Program: (Exclusively for Therapists)

Every therapist true to their profession knows how important it is to have supervision. No matter how senior you may be in the field, supervision is always the best way to prevent burnout. For new therapists it also helps to keep the imposter syndrome in check! Here are the reasons why supervision is absolutely essential for therapists:

  • It relieves the feeling of working in isolation
  • It prevents countertransference
  • It provides a safe professional environment to process the emotions of the therapist
  • Helps to gather alternative perspectives
  • Prevents burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Helps to ensure that the therapist’s own unprocessed material does not interfere with their work

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