Support Group Services

A Support Group is a safe, non-judgemental space to receive mental health support and guidance where people gather to share their experiences around a common theme and heal by guiding each other through the hurdles.

It is also a very affordable option when you’re not sure if you want to get into personalised therapy sessions. The Emotional Wellness Initiatives has launched India’s first support groups so that you can find your safe space to feel like you belong!

Those years from 16-21 are so tricky! You don’t know whom to talk to. And if you’re a parent to a teen you probably feel like you just can’t connect with them. All those new emotions, new complications, new areas to navigate through – if only there was a place to let it all out! The Wellness Tribe is that place! Moderated by a young, vivacious psychologist, this support group is for teens and young adults to come and open their hearts and to find some useful tips to tackle this life!

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re going to be a mum! But what about the million questions swimming around in your head? And how about the emotional roller-coaster you’re riding? All the advice being bombarded from all sides doesn’t help either, does it?That’s why this space, moderated by a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and full time mom, is truly YOURS! Meet a squad of women just like you, talk about anything on your mind, learn successful new mom hacks, time management, child rearing techniques, all while learning how to continue to be a diva!

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