Sexual Wellness and Support

Sex forms an integral part of our lives. Yet, it is the one aspect that is shrouded in the most mystery. You only get to talk about in hushed tones, or with hesitation. You have to find secret places to discuss it and even then you don’t know if the information you’re getting is accurate or not. Not any more! The Emotional Wellness Initiatives provides you a safe, non-judgmental space to open up about your sexual hang-ups. Our therapists are open-minded and qualified to help you navigate problems in the bedroom (or anywhere else!)

Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Helping you establish a passionate relationship with your partner if things seem to have become monotonous
  • Dispelling myths about sex and sexuality that hold you back in bed
  • Healing past sexual trauma that does not let you move forward
  • Guide you if you and your partner are exploring sexual experimentation in terms of new things to try or open relationships
  • Helping you explore and understand your own body, your desires and your limits

For us, the physical aspects of your bodies are not about sexual problems but about sexual wellness. Just like you need physical fitness and psychological wellness to lead a happy life, sexual wellness also adds that much more joy to your life!

Our sexual wellness experts are Prachi and Urvashi. Click the buttons to know more about them!

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