Couples and Relationship Services

Couples and Relationship Services 

Our expert therapists help you with every kind of couple relationship whether married, committed, engaged, new lovers, living-in or exes!

Trauma Healing and Anxiety Relief Services

Trauma Therapy and Care

Break free from the chains of painful experiences of your life that hold you back by working with our trauma experts to process the trauma and to heal and grow!

Women’s Wellness Support

A set of specialised emotional wellness services for all the ladies out there including relationships, materinity, career, sexuality and a balanced life!

Sexual Wellness and Support

If you find you’re struggling in the bedroom due to mental blocks and are hesitant to take your relationship to the next level, consult our sexual wellness experts.

Child and Adolescent Services

Parenting is a big challenge and we help you face it with the right tools so that you can enjoy parenthood to the max!We also help your teen deal with the roller coaster of puberty. 

Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Anxiety, depression, grief, loss, personality disorders; psychotherapy is an essential tool to learn how to cope and we bring that to your doorstep.

Organisational Services

Organisational Wellness Services

All organisational needs like employee assistance, research services, group psychological assessment, seminars and workshops under one umbrella.

Wellness Workshops and Events

A good life is your basic right and to that end we organise programs on subjects like weight loss, discovering love, parenting etc. Check out all that we offer in this section!

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