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Employee assistance for taking care of the wellness of the employees of the organisation has become imperative in the current scenario. Employees spend a large chunk of their time at work and it is important that they are able to be present completely and optimise their productivity. Below are a few ways how we can help!

Personality Profiling 

Personality profiling is the best and the most time and cost effective method of getting to know your employees. In just a couple of hours all your employees can take a test that can yield a personality profile highlighting their strengths and assets as well as areas that need work. This is a wonderful way to evoke internal motivation within your employees and boost morale! If you would like to give your organisation a chance to obtain its employee profile at a glance, contact us for more details.


Our group workshops are designed to enhance productivity, foster positive emotions, overcome mental blocks and develop stronger team cohesion. We conduct organisational workshops on areas such as overcoming procrastination, perfectionism, coping with stress, and anger management. These are interactive, hands-on intensive workshops that are adept at fostering positive change in an organisational body as a whole. 

Employee Assistance 

We know you take care of your employees and you would like them to be able to focus on work without any hassles playing on their minds. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to take care of every employee’s personal issues and that’s where we step in. We provide remote employee assistance programs. Our team of qualified and experienced psychologists and counsellors can assist your workforce to access psychological and emotional wellness services from wherever they are.. We help them with important life aspects such as interpersonal skills, time management and coping skills training. When we take care of your workforce by helping them on the personal front, they arrive at work refreshed and stress-free and are more productive! 

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