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The Pioneers of Online Counselling in India

The Emotional Wellness Initiatives, founded by Prachi S Vaish, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, is a pioneering mental health services & online counselling provider for complete psychological wellness. Mental health and wellness is not merely a social cause we contribute to, it is our way of life. Psychotherapy to us is not just a dry clinical process. We believe that psychotherapy is a vehicle for a positive transformation and healing. And we recognise how moving that process can be for our clients. We have made our niche in helping people build better relationships, lead more fulfilled lives and heal from past traumas. At TEWI, we also provide exclusive, hands-on training to other professionals in the field of mental health. 

The Emotional Wellness Initiatives intends to build on the legacy of India’s first online psychological services portal which was established by Prachi in 2009. TEWI while has the same founding team, same values and the same dedication to mental health, it intends to transform into a bigger catalyst towards removing the stigma around mental health and make emotional wellness services easily reachable.

Our Logo

Our unique logo embodies the spirit of The Emotional Wellness Initiatives. Dragonflies have flown the Earth for over 300 million years. In every part of the world the dragonfly symbolizes change and transformation through self-realisation; change that is rooted in emotional maturity and an understanding of the deeper meaning of life. We, at The Emotional Wellness Initiative, or TEWI as we fondly call it, believe that psychotherapy should bring lasting positive transformations that blossom from within the client while we provide the soil, sunshine and nourishment for their mind and soul.

online counselling

Our Vision

Transform lives everywhere by creating the right environment and bringing good quality psychotherapy services to right where you are!

Our Mission

-Redirect mental health services from an illness and curative model to a wellness and proactive model through personalized high-quality therapeutic sessions.
-To make mental health care relevant to everyone
-To break the taboo associated with seeking emotional wellness services – by expanding workshops and seminars on aspects people can directly apply in their lives.
-Enable budding Psychologists & Psychotherapists with the right tools and expertise through mentorship & training programs.

About The Founder

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Ms Prachi S Vaish is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience in the field of mental health. She was a key founder in India’s first online counselling website which was established in 2009 and phased out in 2020, giving way to The Emotional Wellness Initiatives. Prachi has an M.A. and an M.Phil degree in Clinical Psychology. Her education has spanned some of the premier institutions of the country including a boarding school experience at  the prestigious Welham Girls School, Dehradun, and a higher education at Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University and Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. In her career of over 15 years, Prachi has seen clients for therapy from India, USA, Europe and Australia. She has contributed over two thousand articles and quotes as an expert for various print and online media like, Child, Better Homes and Gardens, and

Mental Health and psychotherapy is a true calling for Prachi. She feels the most energised when she is with her clients. She believes in walking with her clients for as long as it takes and that is why it is no wonder that her clients stay with her for years, long after their initial problems are resolved because they like to check in and drop by for a session even if they have merely had a bad day! Prachi makes warriors out of her clients who learn to dig their feet deep into the battleground of life and keep their head held high in the confidence that they have the skills to deal with what life brings to them.

You can read Prachi’s interview about how she founded India’s first online counselling website in 2009 here!

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