Couples and Relationship Services

Couples and Relationship Services

Marriage Counselling 

  • Are you worried about your relationship?
  • Do you and your partner fight every day? 
  • Do you and your partner seem to disagree on everything? 
  • Did your partner have an extra-marital affair? 
  • Did you have an extra-marital affair? 
  • Did you and your partner go through a touch crisis in your marriage and now want to fix your marriage? 
  • Do you want to rekindle the romance in your marriage? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then marriage counselling is a wonderful way for you to heal where it hurts, to fix the broken communication patterns, and to breathe fresh air into your married life! 

Marriage Enrichment 

  • Do you feel that your marriage has become dull and routine lately? 
  • Do you miss the spark from the honeymoon phase? 
  • Do you feel that even though you have a good marriage, you want to make it better? 

Then Marriage Enrichment is the right fit for you! Marriage Enrichment does not require you to have any problems to fix. Instead, it can give you a fuller, richer, vibrant, happier marriage so that you don’t just go through the marriage with your partner, you live it to the fullest! Make an appointment today to find out what you’re missing in your marriage and watch it come alive!

Pre-Marital Connection 

  • So you found the perfect life partner? 
  • Have you just gotten engaged? 
  • Are you excited about starting life with your fiancee/fiance? 
  • But are you also nervous about marriage? Are all the jokes and memes you have seen giving you cold feet? 
  • Do you wish there was a way to find out if you and your partner are a perfect match? 

Well, there is! In our pre-marital couples package we conduct a detailed personality assessment for both partners and match their personality traits. We also assess beliefs about marriage, relationships and intimacy and make the partners aware of where they match best! Then we train them on good marriage communication skills so that they can learn to turn towards each other in times of distress rather than turning away. Doesn’t this sound like the happily ever after you were wishing for? Sign up for our premarital package today!

Sexual Intimacy 

  • Do you watch romantic movies and wish you had the same passion in your relationship? 
  • Do you want a deeper soulful sexual connection with your partner? 
  • Is something holding you back in your sexual life? 
  • Would you like to clear your mental blocks and really enjoy your sexual life? 

Our psychosexual therapy approaches help you and your partner open up to each other more intimately by removing sexual mental blocks, by dispelling sexual myths, and by helping you understand each other’s desires. These are completely confidential sessions that deal with sexuality and intimacy in a very sensitive and delicate way to put you completely at ease. Why don’t you give it a try and book a session?

Alternative Sexual Lifestyles

Sexual experimentation is coming of age in India. A lot more people know about BDSM, swapping, swinging, and polyamory and other terms that come with stepping out of conventional sexual boundaries. A lot of couples now are pushing their limits to see what it’s like. But it is tough to decide if those options are right for you. It is also hard to figure out how they will impact a couple’s relationship. And sometimes things get tricky. If you want to experiment with a new lifestyle, we can help you make a smooth transition by making you aware of what lies ahead and what to expect. If you have already experimented and found yourself with unpleasant repercussions, we can help you resolve them. So if you’re feeling adventurous, talk to us before you take the plunge!

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