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Being a parent is a pure joy! When the little bundle arrives in your life, your excitement knows no bounds! However, slowly you also realise that parenting doesn’t come with a clear instruction booklet no matter how many books you read! Worry not! Our expert psychologists are here to hold your hand through it all! 

  • We coach you even before your baby arrives so that you’re equipped with all the practical and emotional tools to deal with this life transition
  • We help you keep your balance once you become new parents by regular sessions so that even though you’re consumed by your new duties, you still have a place of your own to vent
  • Our child and parenting expert psychologists help you track your child’s progress and resolve any doubts that may creep up
  • We can also become conscious parents so that your child doesn’t seem only like a responsibility. We want you to really live the joy of being a family that brings joy to each other!
  • Our couple therapists help you keep your relationship as a couple safe while you adjust to the new role of parents

Our parenthood expert is Prachi. Click the button to know more about her!

If you’re parents of a tween or teenager we understand that it becomes a whole new challenge. We have expert psychologists who are pros at establishing a connection with your teen child and guide them through the turbulence.

  • We help your child deal with the emotional turmoil that comes up with puberty
  • We act as a bridge between you and your child because suddenly the most spoken line of your teen might become “you don’t get me!”. Well, we get both of you.
  • Teenage also comes with a lot of self-esteem challenges and it needs more than parental support. We provide evidence and research-based guidance and coping skills that make your child an emotionally stronger individual
  • If you find that your teen is distressed more than usual, we provide qualified mental health care so that he/she doesn’t feel isolated and overwhelmed and we do this with absolute confidentiality.

Contrary to all the jokes and memes, parenting doesn’t have to feel like a walk through a minefield. It a true blessing and there’s no embarrassment in relying on steady, qualified support to really be able to enjoy your life together! Come, let us share your problems so you can focus on the joy!

Our child and adolescent expert is Archana. Click the button to know more about her!

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