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What is Relationship Abuse?

Let’s unveil toxic/abusive relationships! As a trauma therapist I work very closely with women (and sometimes men) trapped in abusive/toxic relationships. It is very long term and very intensive work. A consistent observation of mine during this journey has been that most times victims aren’t even aware that what they are facing is toxic or abusive. This is my attempt to break it down into simpler parts!

couple communication mistakes

Five Communication Mistakes Couples Make!

We all want to communicate with our partners but are we doing it right? We end up fighting or sulking and we don’t know what went wrong. Read to find five common communication mistakes couples make unconsciously and find out what you can do to fix them!

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Why do some of us land up in abusive relationships?

In an abusive relationship usually we discover too late that we are trapped and once we find out, we still find it too difficult to leave. People often ask you, why do you let him/her treat you like that? Do you wonder too? Read this post to find out what internal factors from your past may be holding you back and why you might be falling for the wrong people again and again!

fix partner

Five Signs You Might be Trying to ‘Fix’ Your Partner

A committed relationship is like a license to change and modify! As soon as we become committed we make it our life’s mission to fix everything we think needs fixing about our partner. This is not healthy in the long run. Read about the five ways we subconsciously engage in ‘partner modification and upgrade’ while we end up compromising our relationship.

relationship advice

Why professional relationship advice is a good idea!

Love relationships can be very complicated to understand. Whenever we get stuck we wish someone would just tell us what to do! But we don’t want to go to a stranger to talk it out because we think they won’t understand. Wrong! Here’s why talking to a relationship expert is a good idea if you want the best relationship ever!

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