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The Diva Transition Retreat

The Diva Transformation Retreat

A unique all-women concept getaway! February 18 – 21, 2021. Goa, India You are fire. You are water. You are air. You are Earth. You are the universe’s most powerful creation. You are a DIVA. Once upon a time you were free. Free of pain, of scars, and of the weight of unwanted emotions. Then …

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career calling

Have I found my career calling yet?

Are you feeling restless in your current job? Do you feel you have another calling? Are you thinking about turning your passion into your profession? Read this post to understand the difference between a career, job and calling and find tips to make an informed decision!

career specialisation

Why choosing a career specialization might be a wise choice!

Do you wonder if you should strive towards getting deeper into one specialisation or should you diversify and learn a lot of different skills at a mediocre level? What would make you more desirable to employers? What would bring you more success? Read to find out the pros and cons!

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