The Emotional Wellness Initiatives


What is Relationship Abuse?

Let’s unveil toxic/abusive relationships! As a trauma therapist I work very closely with women (and sometimes men) trapped in abusive/toxic relationships. It is very long term and very intensive work. A consistent observation of mine during this journey has been that most times victims aren’t even aware that what they are facing is toxic or abusive. This is my attempt to break it down into simpler parts!

emotional fitness recipe

The Recipe for Emotional Fitness (Mental Health in 21 days!)

Mental health is not an occasional concept. Just like in your everyday life you eat healthy, sleep well and stay fit, mental health also needs to become part of a routine. Follow our simple emotional fitness recipe for 21 days for a blissful life!

mental wellbeing

Five Reasons Why We Need to Take Care of Our Mental Health

Mental health is a hot topic these days! But do we realise how important it is to take care of our mental health in the day-to-day life? We think about healthy eating and exercising for our daily fitness, but do we think about food for the mind as regularly? Read this post to see how it can make a difference to your life!

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