The Diva Transformation Retreat

A unique all-women concept getaway!

February 10 – 13, 2022. Goa, India

You are fire. You are water. You are air. You are Earth. You are the universe's most powerful creation. You are a DIVA. Once upon a time you were free. Free of pain, of scars, and of the weight of unwanted emotions. Then life happened. You lost yourself.

The Diva is completely self-aware. She knows what she wants and how to take it. She sees her pain and makes it her power. The Diva Transformation is a unique self-healing retreat, a unique concept getaway in Goa to help you confront the pain of the past and heal from it using therapeutic techniques. That’s not all, you also get to purge all the negativity and apprehension so that your heart is free and clean once again to welcome new love and joy! Your wings have been weighed down too long. It’s time to fly!

Come join the exclusive inner circle for women who are finally ready to break the barriers and put themselves first!

In this luxury retreat you will work closely with international Psychotherapist and Wellness Coach Prachi S Vaish and your intimate Diva circle to cleanse your past emotional pain and clear space to welcome new love and joy in your life! This retreat is for you if:
– You identify with the feminine
– You feel stuck and unfulfilled in your life
– you have been feeling restless and craving a shift
– you are immensely successful in your professional life but can’t seem to sort out your personal life
– your relationships are bringing more pain than joy
– you feel trapped in the past and want to break free
– you want to experience a fuller, happier, more mindful life!
If you were nodding YES! to even one of the reasons above, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

  • A few highlights of the retreat are:
    – 3 nights 4 days of intensive, immersive, inner psyche work
    – Accommodation at the premium beachfront Stonewater Eco Resort in Goa
    – Gourmet meals
  • – Intensive psychological assessments to dig deep into your psyche
  • – Reiki healing sessions
    – A chance to be an integral part of the diva sisterhood
    – Everything to pamper and nourish your soul
    – Special take-home self care packages curated by Prachi and created by Diva entrepreneurs!

For more details and the full brochure, click here!

Come let me take you through this incredible journey! CLICK HERE to book your Diva-spot right away!

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