All that we want to be, we already are. It just has to be discovered.It is about perspective and reflecting within. A guided reflection on why we do – what we do can be a powerful tool in the journey of becoming who you want to become.

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“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” – Rumi

Through my journey of life, I have deeply realized and come to appreciate that each person is different and unique. All of us are beautiful and carry immense potential within ourselves. It just lies beneath, to be unlocked and unearthed.

We often cage ourselves in thoughts, misconceptions and constructed beliefs about ourselves and others. This leads to suffering and sourness. My job is to show you who you are, your unique traits and walk with you in the journey of you becoming your powerful version!

I’m Sohini Roy Chowdhury

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I am a Psychotherapist and a Counselling Psychologist and I am on my journey to help people become the truest and the best version of themselves. I’ve been a successful Operations Manager, coach and trainer earlier in some of the world’s leading organizations managing large teams and individuals. People connections drive me and my daughters bring out the best in me!

I follow quite a varied approach in my therapy sessions, where I imbibe several modalities like Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Humanistic, Solution Based, and Positive Psychology. Being a mother myself and having lived the responsibilities of motherhood as well as a career woman very profoundly, in therapy too I am solutions oriented and use compassionate and creative processes for each individual. Therapy with me is a space where you feel safe about your ‘feelings’ and are not judged. 

Qualifications: MA – Psychology, 2-Year certification Program in Psychological Counselling and Stress Management (Jadavpur University, Kolkata), B.Sc (Chemistry Honours- Kolkata University), MBA (Bengal Engineering College, School of Management Sciences, Shibpur, Howrah),

With over 4 years of therapy experience, I specialize in the areas of pre and post-natal mental health, depression, stress, anxiety and developing emotional regulation skills and increasing one’s potential.

Languages spoken: English, Bengali, Hindi.

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