It is only when we accept ourselves just as we are, with all our strengths and weaknesses, that we can truly make meaningful changes in our lives. By accepting and embracing all parts of ourselves, even the parts that we may not like or want to change, we create an opportunity of self-love and awareness that can empower us to make the right changes.

Next stop – Healing!

Next stop – Healing!

Let us learn to accept ourselves as we are!

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“The curious paradox is
that when I accept myself;
just as I am, then
can change”-Carl Rogers.

Our work together in therapy would be like looking through a kaleidoscope, with each turn of the lens, we will explore different facets of the inner world and work together to create a more complete and nuanced understanding of your experiences.

Just as a kaleidoscope uses a combination of mirrors and colors to create a beautiful and intricate pattern, in therapy we would use a combination of techniques and perspectives to help us gain a clearer understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

I’m Sanchi

hey there!

You are the key to You!

As a counselling psychologist, my approach to therapy is all about working together with clients to help them lead happier, more fulfilling lives. I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so I tailor my methods to meet each client's individual needs and goals.

I think it's important to understand that people don't exist in a vacuum - we're all shaped by the world around us. That's why I take into account each person's unique background and experiences when we work together.

I've worked with clients of different ages, and my aim is always to create a safe, supportive space where people can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. I'm here to listen, I'm not here to judge.

Ultimately, my goal as a therapist is to help people build their resilience and develop new ways of coping with life's challenges. Together, we can work towards greater self-awareness, personal growth, and a brighter future.

Qualifications: Masters of Arts in Psychology (Ambedkar University Delhi, Kashmere Gate), Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health [(pursuing) IGNOU], Bachelors of Arts in Psychology (Ambedkar University Delhi).

Languages spoken: English, Hindi.

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