Therapist Initiator Program

"I don't know what I am actually supposed to do. Theory and practical experience are two very different aspects. So while I do learn different aspects of the field, I don't learn how to actually see patients."

"I hope to make the best for my clients and to help them thrive in the environment. I am apprehensive because I want my clients to feel at ease and at home."

"The most common apprehension that almost every new emerging psychologist might have is how would we apply the theoretical knowledge into practice? How would we be able to establish ourselves as a mental health professional with little to no experience?"

These and many such concerns are voiced ever so often in the mental health fraternity. For a young psychologist, her/his Masters (or sometimes even MPhil!) degree does not translate to actual work in the therapy session. Therefore, the real-world therapy experience can be daunting, confusing, and exhausting.

So how do we fill this gap?

By walking with those who have already made the first part of their journey!

A truly effective training program can only be created by someone who has walked a mile in the shoes of a young budding psychologist. And here's your answer to that quest!

The Therapist Initiator Program is a 2-day interactive and real practice-insights based workshop to enable you to be sure-footed when starting your practice as a psychologist and to help you create well-defined therapeutic plans with your clients in sessions.


Minimum qualifications: BA/BSc - Psychology (final year students)
MA/MSc - Psychology and new practitioners.
Why should you attend this workshop?
  • To gain practical understanding and insight about the process of therapy.
  • To be better prepared before therapy sessions or when starting with a new client.
  • To effectively overcome barriers during different stages in therapy.
  • To build an organized approach and your own structure & style of practice.
  • To learn how to plan assessments, set goals, assign self-work and activities to clients and get them to reflect.
Why should you not attend this workshop?
  • You are looking for more theoretical models (your textbooks already have enough of those!).
  • You intend to listen passively and not participate.
  • You want to add just another certificate to your folder.
  • You think that the therapy process is something you can learn by simply copying what psychology gurus have done or proposed.
  • You are afraid to weave your own unique personality into your therapy process.

Program Highlights

Real world perspective of psychotherapy.
Progress and revisiting goals.
Utility of assessments and how to plan.
Case formulation and choosing a therapeutic modality.
Making a tentative therapeutic plan & sharing it with clients.
Making adjustments in the plan when needed.
Introducing various therapeutic techniques in the session.
Planning, introducing and discussing homework in therapy.
Identifying barriers in homework completion.
Case history & MSE.
Real case studies.
Goal setting.


  • Custom designed program materials that you'll be able to use in your practice.
  • Hard copy certificate.
  • Access to TEWI Learner's Community*

*TEWI Learner's Community is an exclusive access group on WhatsApp of all learners / trainees who have attended a TEWI workshop / training / program.

  • 2 days program, 3 hours each day.
  • Weekend batches.
  • Live interactive program.
  • Conducted on Google Meet.
  • There will be homework assignments, so plan accordingly.

Summer Special Discount Price: INR 2,499.00/-

About your Trainer

Hi! I am Niti Joshi, a RCI licensed, practicing Clinical Psychologist working with The Emotional Wellness Initiatives. I do extensive therapeutic work with both adolescents and adults. I am an eclectic therapist which means I use different therapy modalities based on the client's need and tailor-make therapy plans for all my clients.

When I started to practice and got exposed to real-world therapy, not only was it an eye-opener for me, it was also slightly intimidating! While my MPhil degree had equipped me with the theoretical knowledge of how to approach a therapeutic plan,

I had only seen its practical application in a limited scope. My private practice clients were very different from those in the wards. So when I started dealing with clients from all walks of life, I had to pull my socks up and get into the nitty-gritties of therapy planning, therapy approach, goal setting etc.

I designed this workshop because I realized that the lack of structure can lead to a lot of anxiety and also has the potential to slow down career progression. Today, when I interact with budding psychologists and colleagues who are starting off their practice, I realize that our struggles are similar. On my journey, I found my own structure with help of supervision, peer supervision, good training as well as reading and adding on to my resources.

With this workshop I want to facilitate the same process for you. Over the two days, I'll share my knowledge and insights and help you learn practical aspects of therapy and help build a structure so that you can effectively apply your knowledge in the real world.

Your success as a therapist rests critically on the moment you can chart the plan of your client's healing journey.

Therapist Initiator Program

is the roadmap you have been looking for!

Summer Special Discount Price: INR 2,499.00

To enroll on 9265303190 *no calls