What stops us from being a better version of ourselves; from being joyful is that we let our emotions determine our actions. We’re too stuck up with our ‘mind’, beliefs, insecurities; our psychological world! But are they really ours…?

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“Everything you need to
heal is already inside of you;
you just can’t access it yet
because of the pain”

The questions I want you to ask yourself are. What limiting beliefs or insecurities have been following you around your whole life? What events have defined what you believe about yourself? Which patterns did you inherit from your family that might now be holding you back? What have people told you about you that you’re carrying around as facts?

Our life journey is about unlearning and relearning! I’ve learned that asking the right questions in the right space can unlock the deepest wounds and open the way to connect dots between what you do and why you do it!

I’m Prachi S Vaish

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I’m a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Trauma Expert. A mental health entrepreneur who loves stories people tell, books, a good hug, hopping on a flight to anywhere, and guiding people just like you how to live an emotionally balanced life!

As you’ll discover, I take an eclectic approach to therapy. I pick the best tools from different humanistic and person-centred new age therapeutic approaches (like Schema therapy, ACT, DBT, IFS etc.) and create a tailor-made healing plan for each client of mine because I believe that even though the symptoms may manifest themselves as similar across several people, the REASONS why they come up are unique for every individual!

Qualifications: MA (Clin.Psych.), MPhil (Clin.Psych) Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP, from PESI Inc., USA), Awarded Emerging Emotional Wellness Coach by Pinnacle Fame Awards in 2021

Languages spoken: English, Hindi.

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