Imagine that we are on a leisurely trek; we are able to fully enjoy it if we do not carry too much baggage. The load can slow us down, and also distract us from truly enjoying the surroundings. Isn’t this how life is too?

can stop you from being you.

Discover what stops you from being happy!

Recognize your baggage!


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“When you take the first step towards healing, the journey becomes a little less difficult!”

I believe that we all walk the earth with a little bag on our shoulder and as we move ahead in life this bag becomes bigger and heavier due to all the guilt, regrets, mistakes and experience we fill it up with. In my journey as a therapist, I’ve learned that this baggage can make life difficult and one is not able to be their best versions.

My work starts when you are ready to recognize your baggage and lead the journey of self-awareness and self-discovery. The idea is to help you get in touch with your inner-self and develop skills that help you be more curious and compassionate towards yourself and increase your potential to deal with the difficulties life throws at you.

I’m Niti Joshi

hey there!

Unload, unfold and behold!

I am a Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist who thrives on people stories. I help people identify their life patterns and bring about positive change in themselves. Good music gets me going, am an avid reader and putting on my ghungroos for Kathak makes me joyful!

I believe that each individual is unique and my approach to therapy often depends on the aspects you come with. Therapy for me is a path to self-awareness where you learn to love, accept and improve yourself. I tend to focus more on the present and identify your strengths to build upon. I use an eclectic approach combining techniques from Cognitive Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and positive psychology based on each individual’s needs and therapy goals. I understand that starting therapy or talking to a stranger can be uncomfortable, but sometimes it’s just about taking that first step and let the journey unfold!

Qualifications: MA (Applied Psych.), MPhil (Clin. Psych). Certified in Psychological First Aid  (John Hopkins University), Certified QPR Gatekeeper (Suicide Prevention India Foundation)With over 2,500 hours of therapy experience, I specialize in the areas of depression, stress, anxiety, past trauma, building self-esteem, increasing productivity, coping with anger and stress, developing emotional regulation skills and increasing one’s potential.

Languages spoken: English, hindi.

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