If a stranger frantically approached you; your reaction will be of apprehension, fear, maybe you'll move away. But if a friend does, you'll try to listen. Emotions are just like that! As long as they're  strangers, they induce fear, and once you get to know them, they have important information for you!

You feel everything for a reason!

Discover what stops you from being happy!

Your emotions hold the key to all the puzzles of the world! 

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“Therapy is a two-way relationship. As much as I get to be a part of your journey through life, you’re also a part of mine!”

A very commonly used adjective when talking about therapy and sessions is “safe space”. What is a safe space for you? A place where you can be vulnerable? A place where you are encouraged to think from a different perspective? Or, a place where you can just be you? To each of us, this term can have a different meaning.

But what is true for everyone is that it is a place where you get to deepen your understanding of yourself. A place of self-discovery and transformation. 

I’m Mannya Chandy

hey there!

Learn, unlearn and relearn!

I’m a Counselling Psychologist and an engineer. After having worked for 2 years in IT I realized that Psychology is my true calling. To be a part of people's transformation journey gives me true joy. This is why I do what I do! With a mug of good coffee is how I start my mornings and nothing can keep me from spending time with my family!

Each one of us is unique and therefore I take an approach best suited to your specific needs. With a specific focus on emotions, I work towards you discovering what your feelings are communicating to you. We look at how life experiences have shaped your view of the world and how they impact your current circumstances. You are the expert on your journey through life, my job is to be the wingman (well.. wingwoman)to facilitate you to take charge of your life!

Qualifications: Masters (MSc) Counselling Psychology, Certified QPR Gatekeeper (QPR Institute)I specialize in the areas of interpersonal relationships, dealing with loss and processing grief, assertiveness and communication skills, gender identity, sexual orientation. And I love to work with young adults.

Languages spoken: English, Malayalam, Hindi.

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