The Knot - by Prachi:

The Knot is India’s first exclusive premarital coaching program! This is a personalized program designed for couples by seasoned couple therapist Prachi S Vaish who has used the essence of her 16 years of work with couples to create this unique program. Here’s what happens in the program:

  • Thorough compatibility checks between partners
  • An assessment of strengths and vulnerabilities as a couple
  • Coaching on healthy conflict resolution techniques
  • Boosting intimacy for a happy future together!

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Mindful Dating Journey - by Prachi:

Whether you are stepping into the dating world for the first time with stars in your eyes, or you’re trying to date for a second innings in life, it can be a confusing and daunting prospect in all scenarios. The dating scene in the modern world has become very unpredictable and fickle due to the dating app culture. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to find someone who matches with our value system. It is therefore important to understand who we are and what our values and core emotional needs are so that we can attract exactly what we need. 

The Mindful Dating Journey program takes you through value mapping, core emotional needs profiling, understanding the concept of jealousy and healthy boundaries, and helps you arrive at your own unique definition of love so that you can step into the dating scene with confidence, and complete mindful awareness!

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₹ 20,000.00

Oorja - Towards energized, inclusive and empowered motherhood!

The journey towards motherhood requires all the support that can be gathered. This support needs to be accurate, authentic, non-judgemental and must allow the expecting mother her own safe space to just BE! We have created the perfect personalized program for expecting mothers where they get a host of features such as:

  • Full 9 months access to a qualified counsellor who will take her through all the emotional ups and downs 
  • A completely safe and non-judgemental space to vent, rage, cry, laugh and relax
  • Relaxation, mindfulness and emotional regulation training
  • Parenting preparation coaching
  • Couple sessions to coach on how to adapt to changing roles and shift in  intimacy 
  • Birth support and postpartum support to help adapt to the new baby
  • Guest sessions with birthing experts and lactation consultants

Now, doesn’t this sound like the dream pregnancy journey? All you need to do is sign up, put up your feet and enjoy the ride!

  • To know more about this program drop us a WhatsApp text at +919265303190