Most of us naturally resist discomforting and distressing thoughts and emotions. What if you could lean in and become curious about them? How about you learn to recognize them as signposts that might hold key information about you and your inner world?

curiosity, compassion and courage!

Discover what stops you from being happy!

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“The real journey
and the only one
that matters-
is the journey within!"

Therapy is your safe space and a tool to unravel the
questions of your inner self – Why do I feel the
way I feel? Am I not good enough?
How do I be happy? Why does it hurt so much?
Why do people not understand me?

Our life journey is about unlearning and relearning! We explore these questions at a very slow and paced manner, peeling off each skin with utmost care and compassion. On the road to self-discovery, you would find yourself joining the dots and re-learning a lot about ‘YOU’.

I’m Ankita Chavda

hey there!

Your life, your story!

I am a psychologist who deeply believes in working towards people’s potential to re-write their own stories. Witnessing clients making progress and working towards their goals is a self-fulfilling and rewarding experience. Apart from feeling inspired by listening to people’s stories, I am an animal lover and have a keen interest in reading, dancing, fitness and trekking!

Using a psychodynamic framework, I assist you to gain awareness about the context of your responses, cultivate radical acceptance, and build adaptive resources to facilitate healing. As a therapist, I adopt a trauma-informed lens in my work as it enables me to  honour your journey from a compassionate lens. Using effective relational practices, I am able to affirm your lived experiences. Major themes of my work include building physical and emotional safety, trust, and maintaining a collaborative association by offering  choice and control to you, focusing on your strengths, and empowering YOU to build skillsets and a sense of agency.

Qualifications: MSc (Clinical Applications of Psychology), Kingston University, United Kingdom. MA
(Clinical Psychology), The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat.
I specialize in dealing with concerns related to stress and anger management, trauma and abuse,
anxiety and mood disorder, interpersonal difficulties and life stress.
Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Gujarati.

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